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Talbot, Denis
Tamlyn, Karen
Tamlyn-Leaman, Karen
Tano, Ruby
Tapak, Lily
Tardif, Lucie
Tate, Kaitlyn C.
Tatemichi, Sue, Dalhousie University Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital
Tatemichi, Sue, Université Dalhousie Hôpital régional Dr Everett Chalmers (Canada)
Tayler, Carolyn
Tayler, Carolyn
Taylor, Diana
Taylor, Karmel
Teggart, Kylie
Tensaout, Hocine
Thavarajah, Nemica
Thibault, Terra, Nova Scotia Cancer Centre
Thibault, Terra, Nova Scotia Cancer Centre (Canada)
Thomas, Barbara
Thomas, Doneal
Thomas, Roanne, Université d’Ottawa
Thomas, Roanne, University of Ottawa
Thomas, Roanne
Thomas, Sarah
Thompson, Brian
Thompson, Leslee J.
Thorne, Sally
Thorne, Sally
Thorne, Sally E.
Thorne, Sally, Professor, School of Nursing, University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC V6T 1Z3, Canada
Thorne, Sally, RN, PhD, FAAN, FCAHS Professeure, École des sciences infirmières University of British Columbia
Thorne, Sally, University of British Columbia School of Nursing (Canada)
Thorne, Sally, Université de la Colombie-Britannique
Thurston, Norma, Western Consortium for Cancer Nursing Research
Tilley, Andrea, Horizon Health Network of New Brunswick
Tilley, Andrea, Réseau de santé Horizon (au Nouveau-Brunswick)
Tock, Wing Lam
Toffner, Greg
Tomasone, Jennifer R.
Tomczyk, Martyna
Tonkin, Katia
Torres, Ana
Touw, Melissa
Towers, Anna, McGill University
Towers, Anna, Université McGill
Townsley, Carol
Tran, Ngoc
Trang, Aileen
Tranmer, Joan E.
Tremblay, Claudine
Tremblay, Lucie
Tremblay, Marjorie
Tremblay, Nicole
Trevillion, Kris
Trottier, Terry
Truant, Tracy, Université de la Colombie-Britannique
Truant, Tracy L.O.
Truant, Tracy
Truant, Tracy L.O., RN, PhD, Former Director, Research, Education and Innovation BC Cancer, Vancouver BC
Truant, Tracy L.O., RN, PhD Directrice ancienne, Recherche, Éducation et Innovation BC Cancer, Vancouver BC
Truant, Tracy L.
Truant, Tracy, University of British Columbia School of Nursing
Truant, Tracy L.
Trudeau, Maureen
Truong, Jessica
Trylinski, Cheryl
Tsang, Suzanne
Tsui, Amanda
Turner, Barbara
Turner, Cathy
Turner, Fran
Tyerman, Jane

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