INTERNATIONAL COLUMN: Supportive care needs in predicting the quality of life among gynecological cancer patients

Yati Afiyanti, Ariesta Milanti, Riska Hediya Putri


Unmet supportive care needs have been shown to lower the quality of life of cancer patients, including those with gynecological cancer. Therefore, we examined how the unmet supportive care needs might predict the quality of life of gynecology cancer patients undergoing therapy. We had a convenience sample of 153 patients from two major cancer hospitals in Jakarta, Indonesia, complete the SCNS-SF34 and EORTC QLQ-30. Analysis showed that unmet supportive care needs predict poorer quality of life (i.e., lower global health status and functional status, and more cancer-related symptoms). This study emphasizes the need for supportive care services in the areas of psychological, physical, and sexuality to be prioritized to improve the patients’ quality of life.

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