A theory of goal attainment (King 1981) and ambulatory care oncology nursing: An introduction

Heather B. Porter


Clear theoretical guidance can assist oncology nurses to deliver high quality care to cancer patients in outpatient settings. Theory-based nursing can also help practitioners explain their activities with cancer patients in an organized and objective manner, so that others may understand and appreciate the complexities of ambulatory oncology nursing. The purpose of this paper is to examine the theory of goal attainment in A Theory for Nursing by Imogene King (1981) for its usefulness as a guide for the practice of ambulatory oncology nursing. The framework for this nursing theory is outlined, King's (1981) theory of goal attainment with its concepts is described, and its relationship to ambulatory care shown. The fit of a theory of goal attainment with amulatory oncology nursing is illustrated by examples from a typical oncology outpatient clinic in a large urban hospital.

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