A national survey of Canadian women: Breast health practices, influences, and satisfaction

Lynnette Leeseberg Stamler, Barbara Thomas, Kathryn Lafreniere, Jennifer Out


In an earlier survey of over 900 women in the local automobile industry, several influences and preferences for breast screening were identified. The purpose of the current study was to extend the survey population to women across Canada, as well as to ascertain women’s satisfaction with organized (governmental) screening programs within their geographic areas. Using random-digit-dialing, 1,224 women 25 years and older were interviewed in French or English and their responses entered in a CATI system. The interviewers used a modified version of Health Care Practices: A Worksite Survey. Results were analyzed by age and geographic region. Results indicated support for earlier local findings, as well as high satisfaction, but low knowledge and usage of organized breast screening clinics.

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