Evaluation of a nurse-led telephone follow-up clinic for patients with indolent and chronic hematological malignancies: A pilot study

Aldyn Overend, Kong Khoo, Michael Delorme, Vanessa Krause, Ardashes Avanessian, David Saltman


A physician/nurse collaborative team sought to determine whether a nurse-led telephone clinic (Teleclinic) could effectively and safely be used to follow patients with indolent and chronic hematological malignancies. Patients seen at their routine follow-up visit were assessed for eligibility for the Teleclinic, then referred to the pilot Teleclinic by their oncologist. Patients were interviewed by telephone by an oncology nurse experienced in hematologic malignancies. Fifty-three patients consented to participate in the pilot study. Following their Teleclinic interview, patients were asked to complete a “Subject Satisfaction Questionnaire” (SSQ). Overall patient satisfaction with the Teleclinic was high. It was determined that patients with low-grade and chronic hematological malignancies could be followed effectively and safely by an oncology nurse-led telephone clinic.

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