‘Spot the CLOT’: What cancer patients want to know

Julia A. Bayadinova, Laurie A. Sardo, Vanessa Higgins-Nogareda, Jill Scott, Brooke MacKinnon


This article is the second in a dedicated series, entitled ‘Spot the CLOT’, designed to raise awareness of cancer-associated thrombosis (CAT), with the goal of improving patient education and patient outcomes. The initial article, ‘The Signi!cance of VTE in Cancer: Introduction of the Spot the CLOT Series’, provided an overview of CAT and identi!ed knowledge de!cits in the cancer patient population (Sardo, Bayadinova, Jenkins, & Penton, 2021). It highlighted the fact that cancer patients received little to no information on the associated risk of venous thromboembolism (VTE). Strategies oered in this article are designed to raise awareness of VTE among cancer patients, oer approaches to assist with patient education on VTE and, ultimately, reduce the burden of CAT.

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