FEATURE: ConGRASPulations, a success story: The revival of workload to ensure tomorrow’s success

Steffanye Michaelson, Anita Long, Elaine Avila


In our organization, nursing staff are required to complete a work load measurement tool (GRASP) every shift. This information is used to determine nurse/patient ratios and perform cost analysis. On a Surgical Oncology and Medical Short-Stay Unit, the nursing staff had not completed the GRASP over several years. Data did not reflect the actual work load of nurses on the unit. With a new Patient Care Manager, there was an emphasis on improving performance with GRASP. Strategies were implemented to increase utilization. At the end of the one-month period, there was a significant improvement in completion rates from 55.22% to 95.64%. As a team, we celebrated the successes with a “conGRASPulations” luncheon. Over the last five months, the process has been sustained with a 95.37% compliance rate.

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