PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Finding our Collective Voice

Tracy Truant


Every year, in the lead-up to our annual conference, I am in awe of how CANO/ACIO members come together to get things done. It is astounding what takes place behind the scenes to prepare for and host a high-quality conference every year. Yet, there is no fuss, no drama (well, maybe a little bit of drama), and very little hesitation to step up to contribute. Each year we have a collaborative, pragmatic, articulate, wise and enthusiastic community of volunteers coming together with a common purpose—to create a forum for networking, celebrating and sharing the best of oncology nursing practice, education, research and leadership with our peers. From the Recognition of Excellence committee who ensures our peers are appropriately nominated for awards, to the scientific and planning committees, to those presenting at and/or attending the conference (and many more not mentioned), it takes a village of committed oncology nurses to make the conference a success. In every sense and every way, each of these nurses are leaders. And, it seems, we are very good at coming together for some things that are “inward facing” to our profession, such as focusing on our collective professional development and pride. 

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