THE 2001 SCHERING LECTURE: Listening with more than your stethoscope: Feeling with more than your fingertips: Advanced practice nursing in oncology

Pamela J. West


Stories, stories…short stories, long stories, small stories, tall stories, bedtime stories, Bible stories, true stories, make-believe (fairy) stories, ghost stories…Everyone has a story. You have a story and I have a story. Our lives are rich with stories and it is because of stories that we are who we are, what we are, where we are, and why we are. Stories help to shape our lives and shape our individual selves. Stories put into words what painters put into their art, and what musicians put into their compositions and music. The theme for CANO this year is “The art of communication: Discovery through sharing of stories” and today I want to share a few stories about cancer care and, hopefully, give you some insight into part of the evolution of cancer nursing in Canada, as well as a little of the history of acute care nurse practitioners, and a little about me and my story.

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