ONLINE Special: Article Courage, heart and brain

Carole Beals, Lynne Penton


When we accepted the Schering Lectureship, we looked at the conference title and reflected upon the experiences we had during the development, implementation and dissemination of a regional preprinted order set for palliative patients. We recognized that we had certainly used our hearts, minds and voices. However, along with these, for us, a nursing driven practice change also required an element of courage.

This paper will incorporate the core elements of courage, heart and brain, linked to the conceptual framework of enabling evidence-based practice developed by Alison Kitson and colleagues (Kitson, McCormack, & Harvey, 1998). As we travel “somewhere over the rainbow,” otherwise known as North Simcoe Muskoka and describe our pilgrimage, come with us to find the Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Baum, 1939).

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