Exploring nursing engagement in providing virtual care to cancer patients in Canada

Charlotte T. Lee, Samantha Scime, Simonne Simon, Franco Ng, Margaret I. Fitch


As the world struggled with the COVID-19 pandemic, the provision of cancer care, along with all health services, moved more intentionally toward using virtual strategies. The implementation of virtual care had to happen quickly in an effort to provide safe care for individuals and avoid prolonged delays in patient care. Since then, the practice of virtual care and the involvement of oncology nurses in its delivery has evolved. However, there remains little evidence to guide oncology nurses in virtual care and establish best practices. A virtual workshop was held as part of the 2021 Annual Conference of the Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology to explore the types of involvement oncology nurses have with virtual care, the barriers and facilitators of virtual care, and suggestions for the design of practice standards to guide oncology nurses in this arena of practice. This paper reports the findings of the workshop and shared implications for future priorities.

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