Oncology clinic nurses’ attitudes and perceptions regarding implementation of routine fall assessment and fall risk screening: A survey study

Schroder Sattar, Kristen R. Haase, Koen Milisen, Diane Campbell, Soo Jung Kim, Haji Chalchal, Cindy Kenis


Falls in older adults with cancer are often under-recognized and under-reported. The objective of this study was to explore oncology clinic nurses’ willingness and perceived barriers to implement routine falls assessment and falls screening in their practice. Nurses working in outpatient oncology clinics were invited to complete an online survey. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and sorted into thematic categories. The majority of respondents indicated willingness to routinely ask older patients about falls (85.7%) and screen for fall risks (73.5%). The main reasons for unwillingness included: belief that patients report falls on their own, lack of time, and lack of support staff. Findings from this study show many oncology nurses believe in the importance of routine fall assessment and screening and are willing to implement them routinely, although falls are not routinely asked about or assessed. Future work should explore strategies to address barriers nurses face given the implications of falls amongst this vulnerable population. 

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