CANO/ACIO International Symposium: Working in partnership within and beyond our Canadian borders to enhance oncology care

Linda Watson, Margaret I. Fitch, Tayreez Mushani, Pamela Savage, Fay Strohschein, Martine T.E. Puts, Cindy Kenis, Lorelei Newton, Maurene McQuestion


Globally, cancer is increasingly affecting our societies, families and healthcare systems. It is estimated more than 14 million people are diagnosed annually, greater than 8 million people die of cancer each year, and there are more than 32 million people living with and beyond cancer around the world.  Complicating these overwhelming statistics is the reality that many countries in the world do not have well developed cancer treatment programs; nor is it consistently recognized that specialized knowledge about cancer and caring for those with cancer is required by nurses. 

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